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Bodegas Mazas was recently built where there was an older winery in Morales de Toro. That is the reason why we have the latest equipment in winemaking technology while we make wine on a very traditional style at the same time.


The ageing cellar is located underground, at around 7 meters deep. It is a place in the winery where in winter is warm and in summer is cool. The temperature ranges between 12 degrees in the coldest months in winter to 18 in a very hot summer day. Humidity is all year round at 80% always preventing fungus infections.


In our winery we exclusively use French oak barrels of different sizes. The barrel’s capacity varies from 225 litres and up to 500. Every barrel is carefully created for us and used to make our wines for 5 years, and then, every barrel is replace for a new one to preserve the same ageing to our future vintages.

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