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The family’s wine spirit is seen in our way to make wine and our “know-how”. The team working in our project has always been tied to the fields focused on the vineyards and this is the reason why we take care of our grapes so much. The people who are part of Bodegas Mazas have a strong tradition in the world of wine of the most remarkable wine regions of Spain. It is now where that union help us create such an exceptional wines born in our very new winery in Morales de Toro.


Our history and our roots have taken us where we are today and our passion for wine makes the difference to pay attention to all details to make our best wine. Nowadays we are present in Europe and Australia, however, we are always looking for passionate individuals like us to keep growing and reaching other places in the world.


Our vision to the future combining family roots and tradition with technology and innovation in the winemaking are the perfect engine to keep growing and improving. 


We have learnt from our past, we are enjoying our present and we are passionate about the awaiting future.

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