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Our grapes show the character of Castilla y León, a tough and high contrasts area, great to grow grape vines. The soil where our vineyards were planted are the poorest, soil with stone and sand that make high quality grapes, most especially, red grapes with a lot of colour in their skins.

The climate of the region is beneficial all year round. The cold winters, with temperatures under cero degrees, helps to completely eliminate spores from funguses. This makes it easier for us to prevent the vines and the future grapes out of fungal infections. On the other side, temperatures in our summer in August can vary as wide as being 37 degrees during the day to drop to only 7 at night making the grapes to develop a much higher aromatic palate, especially on our Verdejo grapes.


Overall, the premium and high quality of our grapes, help us to make excellent wines, however, out of the 140 hectares of vineyard, we only make wine from 25 of them. The spare grape is treated the same way, manually harvested and selected. If you are interested in buying our grapes, please contact us through this link.

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