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Bodegas Mazas grows 140 hectares of our own vineyard, from which we only make wine from the best selection of our oldest bush vines. These vines have been selected for their genetic material, the soil, the very small production and the high quality of the grapes they grow. The average age of these vineyards is 40 years old, however, the oldest vineyard was planted in 1940.

Our vineyard is strategically located following the course of the Duoro river in Castilla y León , where we are from and where our wine is made. The surrounding environment is of a poor soil landscape where traditionally, vines are planted giving as a result grapes of the highest quality. To this condition, we need to add the low precipitations in the area, less than 400 litres per meter every year being June and July the driest months. The altitude where the vineyards are, ranges from 700 to 800 meters above sea level, making the temperature during winters to be very low and prevent the plants from diseases. On the other hand, during summer the temperature varies a lot between day and night increasing the aromatic intensity of the grapes.

Discover our most unique vineyards...

Los Colmillos
Los Colmillos_edited.jpg

Located near the town of Villalbuena del Puente, where the city of Toro can be spotted. The production of this vineyard is very small, less than 1.000 kilos per hectare and the soil has gravel stones. Planted in 1940.

Facts about Los Colmillos:

  • Red sandy soil

  • 1,8 Ha. of Tinta de Toro

  • 710 meters above sea level

  • Facing the west

The vineyard is located by the town of San Román de Hormija, commonly named "El Triangulo" due to its triangular shape. It produces approximately 2.000 kilos per hectare. Planted in 1970.

Facts about Senda el Lobo:

  • Gleic soil

  • 1,4 Ha. of Tinta de Toro

  • 695 meters above sea level

  • Facing the northwest

Senda el Lobo
Senda el Lobo.jpg
La Majada
La Majada_edited.jpg

Located on the right hand side of San Román de Hormija with incredible views over the river Duoro. The average grape production is 2.500 kilos per hectare and the oldest vines were planted in 1970.

Facts about La Majada:

  • Gravel sandy soil

  • 7 Ha. of Tinta de Toro

  • 700 meters above the sea level

Located in the town of Villalbuena del Puente. It is one of the oldest vineyards in the area, planted in 1940 and producing less than 950 kilos of grapes per hectare due to the very low plantation density. The grape vines produce around 1,3 kilos of grapes.

Facts about Tierra Guinda:

  • Calcareous sand soil

  • 4,4 Ha. of Tinta de Toro

  • 705 meters above sea level

  • Facing southeast

Tierra Guinda
Tierra Guinda_edited.jpg
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